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Since our founding in 1991, Dynax has become a leading global producer of specialty fluorochemicals. The Dynax product line includes fluorosurfactants and fluorochemical foam stabilizers for use in fire-fighting foam agents, fluorosurfactants for the coatings and ink industries and other applications requiring superior wetting and leveling properties.

Dynax’s executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in the fire-fighting foam industry. Our expertise includes the development of new and innovative fluorochemical surfactants and foam stabilizers that are designed specifically for use in firefighting foam concentrates. We hold patents on fluorochemicals as well as the use of those chemicals in fire-fighting foam formulations. But our service to the fire-fighting foam industry does not end there. We also provide formulation assistance and expertise to foam formulators and foam producers so as to maximize performance and minimize cost. We are familiar with all major worldwide fire testing standards and regularly work with approval agencies in the development or refinement of their performance specifications.

All of Dynax fluorochemicals are derived from perfluoroalkyl iodide intermediates. These intermediates, commonly known as telomer iodides, are produced by a telomerization process. Fluorochemicals produced by this process do not contain PFOS (Perfluorooctyl Sulfonate) which EPA has classified as PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic). Dynax fluorochemicals are not derived from PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid), and do not degrade into PFOS or PFOA in the environment.

Today, as the largest producer and supplier of specialty fluorochemicals to the fire-fighting foam industry in the world, Dynax continues to actively develop innovative fluorochemicals to further strengthen its growing leadership.


The FluoroCouncil accepts Dynax as an associate member. This critical organization supports Fluoro Technology and Dynax recognizes the need for ongoing firefighting industry representation.


Dr. Martial Pabon joins Dynax as Chief Executive Officer.  Martial has more than 18 years of experience in Fluorochemicals and Firefighting Foams.  Martial joined Elf-Atochem as the Technical Support Manager for Firefighting Foams in 1997.  DuPont acquired this business in 2002 and in 2008 Martial became Technology and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for DuPont Chemicals.  In 2011, Martial became DuPont’s Technology and Innovation Manager (EMEA) for Fluoroproducts.  This business became Chemours in 2015.

Dynax joins the FluoroCouncil as a provisional member to further support Fluoro Technology and bring a dedicated firefighting industry voice to this vital organization.

Dynax completes an expansion of our offices to accommodate growth and additional staff.

To better serve Asia, India, Middle East, Africa and Australia, Dynax establishes a warehouse in Dubai U.A.E. for finished products.


Dynax recognizes the significant growing demand for Dynax’s C6 based fluorochemicals and completes a capital project that increases production capacity by 75%.


Bryan Rambo joins Dynax Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Bryan has more than 30 years of experience in firefighting foam concentrates and flammable liquid fire protection.  Bryan joined National Foam, Inc. as a chemist.  He continued his career at National Foam holding positions including Director of Chemical Manufacturing, Director of Operations, Foam Concentrate Product Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Dynax developed and introduced a super concentrate, DX1028, designed for customers to formulate high performance AFFFs meeting the US Mil-F-24385F specification.

Dynax phases out manufacture of DX2200, our only remaining C8 product well in advance of the 2015 US EPA Stewardship Program deadline.


Dynax introduced DX1022, a new, special fluorosurfactant blend designed for specific customers.


Dr. Louis McAdams joined Dynax as Production Manager after a 29-year career at Ciba-Geigy Corporation. At Ciba-Geigy Dr. McAdams held various positions in production, R&D, product and business management retiring as a vice president in the Polymers Division.


Dynax phased out DX1020 that contains a C8 fluorotelomer-based fluorosurfactant. All DX1020 customers have successfully converted to either DX1025 or DX1026.


Dynax introduced three new products, DX1090, DX1025 and DX1026, to its DX1000 series product line. Both DX1025 and DX1026 are fluorosurfactant blends designed to provide superior equilibrium and dynamic surface tensions and high foaming characteristics to film-forming fire-fighting foam agents, such as AFFF, AR-AFFF, FFFP and AR-FFFP. Dynax replaced DX4005 and DX4010 with DX4005N and DX4010N, respectively.


Dynax introduced a third generation fluorochemical foam stabilizer, DX5022. Dynax added a new product, DX1080, to its DX1000 series product line as part of its ongoing effort to develop a complete line of all C6 fluorotelomer-based and non-flammable fluorosurfactants.


Dynax introduced the DX4000 series fluorosurfactants, DX4000, DX4005 and DX4010 designed to provide superior wetting and leveling properties for coating and ink and other industrial applications. Derived from all C6-fluorotelomers, these products are all water-based and non-flammable.


Dynax introduced DX1000 series fluorosurfactants, DX1020 and DX1030, and a DX2000 series fluorosurfactant, DX2200, a family of highly efficient products designed for the formulation of both synthetic and protein-based fire-fighting foam agents.

Dr. Chang Jho joined Dynax as Vice President. Prior to joining Dynax, Dr. Jho had 26 years of experience in the research and development of specialty fluorochemicals, especially in their applications for the fire-fighting foam agents. Dr. Jho was Manager of the Technical Service and Development Laboratories of Ciba Specialty Chemicals, responsible for a team of chemists covering Ciba’s world-wide fluorochemicals businesses for paper chemicals, fire-fighting and coatings and ink applications.


Dynax joined FFFC (Fire Fighting Foam Coalition) as a founding member.

1995 – 2001

Dynax grew to become a major global supplier of fluorochemicals to the fire-fighting foam industry.


DX4302 is replaced by a more efficient fluorochemical foam stabilizer, DX5011. This product has since become the benchmark foam stabilizer used in the formulation of synthetic and protein-based, alcohol-resistant foam agents. DX5011 made it possible for foam agent producers to reduce the usage of polysaccharides in the 3×3 and 1×3 agents, thus developing low viscosity products with much improved fire-fighting performance even on the most difficult polar solvents, such as acetone.


Dynax introduced DX3001, a highly efficient amphoteric fluorosurfactant, and DX4302, a fluorochemical foam stabilizer. Dynax was the first company to introduce to the industry this new class of fluorochemicals known as “fluorochemical foam stabilizer.”


The US Air Force awarded Dynax the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I (AF93-009) Contract to develop an “Improved Formulation of Fire Fighting Agents for Hydrocarbon Fuel Fires,” followed in 1994 by the Phase II contract which was completed in April, 1996. Dynax successfully developed a class of environmentally more benign AFFF agents (”EMB AFFF”) that outperformed with significantly lower fluorine contents the 3% AFFF agents on the Qualified Product List (QPL) of the US Military specifications (Mil-F-24385F).


Dr. Eduard Kleiner founded Dynax Corporation with 28-years of experience in the specialty fluorochemicals industry. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Kleiner, President and CEO, was Corporate Vice President and Director of the Corporate Research Services Department of the former Ciba-Geigy Corporation. His responsibilities included the development of the Lodyne family of fluorochemical oil and water repellents and fluorosurfactants for fire-fighting foam agents.